You’ve done the work but you can’t seem to unlock this one thing, and you need the support to dig into a specific issue that keeps coming up, that despite the personal development stuff you’ve done you’re not able to work through it like you thought you should have 

Do you find that every time you think you’re upgrading in life or relationships, the same issues seem to arise and the same challenges are there?

Or maybe every time you think you’ve worked through a block with money, or abundance another seems to pop up and you’re not clear on how to move through it?

You feel frustrated, annoyed, and defeated and then the self doubt and noise of the internal chatter kicks in with all the ways you're not good enough.

You just need that outsider looking in to help you see what you’re just not seeing so you can move through.

I can help you identify what's really going on, why it's been so hard to let go of, and offer supportive practices to really work through it and move forward feeling empowered, so you can remove yourself from old cycles.

These one-off sessions are private coaching individualized to where you're feeling challenged and need support. In just 60 minutes, we can identify blocks and where they came from, overcome resistance and/or fear, get out of repeated patterns of sabotage so you can finally feel like you're moving forward and drop the weight you've been carrying.

These sessions are done over the phone, and can be booked as often as you feel called.

60 minute private session: $197 +gst