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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Our dreams can be windows into our subconscious, soul experiences or a cosmic trip to another dimension (yes I believe that happens). Last night I had a very intense dream and when I did my morning pages this am (do you know morning pages?! If not, message me and I’ll share or you can look up Julia Cameron Morning Pages from her book The Artist’s way) a ton of awareness came through on it’s message. I decided to share because I feel there is a pertinent reminder for here that maybe somebody else needs today.

I was in a house with another female and something or someone was trying to harm us/get us. We ran into a room at the front right side of the house we were in, that had almost floor to ceiling windows. It was nighttime because I remember the streetlights glowing orange ish outside the window. We turned off the light and hid in the closet. All of a sudden, the other female jumped out, grabbed a chair and threw it through the window shattering glass everywhere. I didn’t think, I just got out of the closet and jumped out the window. I had a moment (you know in dreams where it’s a split second but my explaining it sounds like a long process) where I saw the glass on the grass and knew I was going to get hurt/be in pain but that I had to to break free. I didn’t have any other choice if I wanted to get out so I jumped out onto the glass on the grass and started running down the street as fast as I could. The other female was lagging behind - she wasn’t well, was injured and couldn’t run fast. I knew I couldn’t wait for her or I would risk myself, so I kept running as I yelled and encouraged her to hurry until I got to a shelter. Luckily she also made it.

We were in a basement and there were other women all in a line getting food from a table. I grabbed a plate and they started sharing with me that many women who were previously unhealthy and injured, healed there and that we were safe. I could feel it and a huge relief.

Then I woke up.


I believe the viewpoint I had in that dream was from my highest self, and that the other injured female was also me. I knew I needed to go, get out, break free and that it would hurt but I had to. But part of me was stuck in unhealthy patterns and previous soul injuries. I knew I had to leave an unhealthy part of me behind to save myself. My highest self guided me to bust out even though it was painful and scary and I had no idea where I was going or how I’d get there.

Sometimes we have to leave old parts of ourself and break free from their pain so we can rise up and reclaim our real truth from a more healthy position. Along the way, we experience pain. But moving through that is what creates the change and increases strength. As you start your week please know, you can break free from unhealthy patterns and toxic habits.

You can liberate yourself 💜

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