Dig deep into the roots of your subconscious blocks, understand and move through your self imposed limitations, and manage your anxiety, negative emotions, and belief systems so that you can identify your self sabotaging tendencies and catch yourself from going back into patterns of behaviour that keep you stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled.


My name is Keilani and it's exciting that you found your way here.


I work with many modalities as a self discovery coach + guide. My role is to simply guide you on your self discovery path. I do this by sharing ways you can reconnect to the divinity + innate wisdom within you by disconnecting from learned and conditioned beliefs, fears, and stories. Together we do this through reparenting, self inquiry, firming up boundaries, shadow work, mindfulness and energy practices so you can support mind, body and soul. The work that I do is deep and focused on sharing ways you can come back to your wholeness, stop tucking parts of yourself away and truly live an authentic and empowered life. It's meant to help you let go of the behaviours and actions in your life and that you created as a result of your experiences (you know, the things you keep wanting to change but keep happening), so that you can rise up and stop holding back from creating a life that's joyful and fulfilled.  I help you to see, acknowledge and embody your own inner magic.

We are told who we’re supposed to be as by people, society, familial patterns, beliefs, and fears, all of which drive so much of our behaviour and decisions in life. We end up wondering who we really are, and what we REALLY want because we've spent so much time and effort working on the version of us that gets acceptance, approval or love. So many of us haven’t given ourself permission to know ourself at the deep soul level. 
For so long I let the world tell me who I was, and how I should show up and it really led me down the complete wrong path, sabotaging relationships, and into a surface-level/validation-seeking career I couldn't 'win'. I came to a place of depletion, un-fulfillment, and complete feeling of being lost, and I did not want to live my life that way. I began the journey of getting to know my highest self and it changed my life forever. 

This work is for you if:

  • You’ve been on the personal development journey, and while you’ve had some shifts and movement forward, you are ready to deepen your mind body and spirit connection and truly step into your highest self

  • You want to deepen your relationship with others, you recognize that you’re lacking peace and calm but feel unsure as to why

  • You’ve never really taken the time to understand yourself, and who you truly are. And instead you’ve molded and formed the way you showed up in life, based on what you thought others wanted of and from you

  • You are lacking peace with your parent or family relationships and feeling frequently triggered, you have a desire to understand why so that you can let go of the pain that surrounds it

  • You are in a career that you know deep down is not allowing you to step into the fullness of your potential but you just don’t really know what your purpose is, and have no idea where to start exploring that

  • You know that you have a hidden magic within that you want to unlock, but you don’t know how to get to it

  • You are looking for someone who can guide and support you to tune into your own innate wisdom.

  • You are looking to discover and/or deepen your connection to spirit/divinity/source”

  • You know this work can be hard, feel vulnerable and there can be a lot of resistance but you’re ready to move through it and not shy away from it

  • You are ready to take up space and let your wholeness come forward without the shame



If you said "wow, yep" to any of those, it might be time to dig into your journey in a new way so you can expand and grow to new levels. While I can't do the work for you, I can offer a support and accountability for you to move deeper within and uncover your empowered self. I believe there is power in bringing shadow to light and doing that through safe and encouraging conversation, while keeping it real and straight forward (anyone who has worked with me will tell you that I am lovingly direct) is a beautiful tool for shifting internally and externally.













"Although it's tough, no one ever said it was going to be easy...but today I am celebrating the choices I have made, and my awareness of my choices. I am literally lighter in all the ways possible."

- Erica

"Keilani is a true angel! She went above and beyond mentoring me through my own battles with anxiety and low self esteem. She helped me effectively reflect on everything I was currently struggling with and see things from a new perspective. Every call we had together was unique and tailored to my current thoughts. SO many things she spoke about resonated deeply with me, and my mindset has been much more positive. Riley has a gift for connecting with people and making them feel comfortable. I highly recommend her monthly program if you would like guidance with anxiety, self-esteem, confidence, healthy mindset, spirituality...Riley has so much compassion and wisdom to share, anyone would benefit from working with her."

- Dallas

“I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me, and the knowledge you've given me to use for the rest of my life. I've never felt so good!”

— Kristin

My session was so helpful. I was amazed at the level of insight, information and healing I received in only 90 minutes. 

I typically do my healing work on my own. It was incredible change to have her perspective and wisdom. I feel like it accelerated my healing process - especially in areas where I felt stuck. 

I left our session with complete clarity and confidence on how to move forward. 

It’s been a few months since our session and I still refer back to my notes and find value in her wisdom.

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My advice to anyone thinking about working with Keilani – the work is for you. She shows up for you. You will only get out of it how much you put into it so make sure that you are 100% committed to doing the deeper work. This means making changes in your day to day, setting time aside for yourself on a regular basis, and being prepared to move through things that aren’t always comfortable. I was not perfect – there were weeks where I talked to her about how I didn’t want to do this anymore. There were weeks where I do as much work as I thought I should. But the point isn’t the destination. The point is the path and the process. If you make the commitment she will be with you every step of the way. She will be your biggest advocate, your loudest cheerleader, and the coach to kick you in the ass when you need it. If you make the commitment, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. I continue to work with her on a regular basis and I honestly don’t see myself ending this practice anytime soon. The changes I have made in 6 months are not all visible, but I have never felt more like myself, and more on the right path to where I am meant to be heading.

-- Caitlin




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